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Creating an Interesting Interactive QR Campaign

Creating an Interesting Interactive QR CampaignQR codes have been popping up everywhere.  I've seen them on real estate signs, Facebook pages, mobile websites, blogs, entertainment magazines and even food items.  It seems that many people were quick to join this revolutionary way to pass information in a quick, concise way.  However, if not used properly, QR codes may go the way of the pet rock and be banished to the "graveyard of fads from yesteryear".  How do you avoid this?  By creating an interesting interactive QR campaign.

First of all, you need to decide exactly what message you want your QR code to convey to potential real estate clients Are you trying to sell one specific property?  Do you want them to view all listings in a specific county, city or neighborhood?  Or do you simply want to market yourself?  Narrowing your focus for each QR code you can showcase your knowledge in a niche market.

Encourage your potential real estate clients to actively participate by creating a call to action.  Adding a simple phrase that describes what info they will get by scanning the code gives a higher scan rate than just inserting the code with no explanation.  If your listing is offering a buyer incentive, add a "scan here for $5000 cash back at closing" or something similar.  Give a customer a reason to scan the code.

The design of your website, blog and marketing materials can make an impact on the success or failure of a real estate marketing campaign.  The same can be said for a QR code.  Simple black and white codes do work.  But a colorful, uniquely designed code can make a bigger impact and still scans the same on QR readers.  Many times, this is enough to catch a potential client's eye so that they scan it to find out what it means.  I'd still suggest adding a tag line of some sort, though.  Also, you need to make sure that where you send your customers is easily viewed on a mobile phone.  Sending them to your regular website may not be user-friendly on a cell phone, even with today's smart phone technology.  Many times, regular websites look distorted or are too hard to navigate on a mobile phone, causing visitors to abandon the site altogether.  Second Self can help you set up a mobi site if you don't already have one.

How do you know if your QR code campaign is working or not?  The amount of scans isn't necessarily an indicator of a campaign's success or failure (however, no scans is a definite problem).  What you really want to look at is the amount of time a visitor spends on the link.  If a visitor is spending several minutes on the link, it's a good campaign.  If they are clicking off quickly, it could mean that you need to tweak it a little because they didn't find the link helpful or it may mean that there is an issue with the scan itself.  Also, place your QR code in an area that is sure to be seen, such as high up on your web page, blog or other advertising materials.

Another way to measure the success of a QR campaign is to look at how it has affected other areas of your business.  Have you seen more hits on your website after using a particular QR code?  Have your Facebook fans increased?  How many more Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections have you seen? 

The use of QR codes is only limited by your imagination.  Creating an interesting interactive QR campaign can help shoot your real estate business into the stratosphere.  Let us know if there is anything we can help you with to get you started.

Pamela Cendejas, Real Estate Virtual Assistant – Second Self Virtual Assistance: When There Isn’t Enough of You to Go Around!

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Comment balloon 5 commentsPamela Cendejas • November 18 2011 03:27PM


Hi Pamela,  great post!  I've seen some QR codes that have pictures as part of them.  Do you know if it's easy to alter your QR code (or possible)?  It definitely makes for one that stands out!

Posted by Ralph & Janet Henze (Ralph Henze Homes - RE/MAX Elite) about 9 years ago

Hi Ralph - I used to create the QR code in my article.  I did a Google search and found the following articles:


Hopefully, at least one of these sites will be helpful to you.

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago

Thanks Pamela!  I'm off to check out the links.  I'll let you know if anything works!

Posted by Ralph & Janet Henze (Ralph Henze Homes - RE/MAX Elite) about 9 years ago

Thanks, Ralph.  I'd be interesting in knowing what works best.

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago

Hi Pamela, I came up with a couple of QR codes which I put on Ralph's profile page if you want to take a look.  All the links you sent were great, especially:

I used the link you gave to mobilefish to make up the code with the colors I wanted, then I did some layering with pictures using:

It's a free image manipulation program they suggested at the link above.  You can cover about 30% of the pixels on the QR code and supposedly it will still work.  Some people actually count the pixels!  I just went with trial and error.

 I'm going to use the Christmas QR code to send people to a facebook page with a Merry Christmas message.  (Still need to make the page up)  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  


Posted by Ralph & Janet Henze (Ralph Henze Homes - RE/MAX Elite) about 9 years ago