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You Can't Get a Gourmet Meal at a Happy Meal Price

You Can't Get a Gourmet Meal at a Happy Meal PriceEverybody is trying to save money wherever they can nowadays.  Eat out less, rent a movie, clip all makes good dollars and sense, right?  There is, however, a dollar vs quality aspect that some people lose sight of.  I mean, you wouldn't go to a five star restaurant and expect to pay a Happy Meal price, would you?

Like you, I am all about saving money wherever I can.  Some things, however, are well worth the price.  For example, Tide may be more expensive than Dreft, but I use less of it to get my clothes cleaner.  It averages out to just about the same price for a much better result.  Also, my husband and I used hand cranked can openers for years but they always seemed to break or go dull, rendering them useless pretty quickly.  Finally, when we were looking at replacing it for the umpteenth time, I turned to my husband and said, "For the amount of money we spent on all those awful can openers, we could have purchased an automatic one that still works and actually saved ourselves money."  So, we bought the automatic can opener.  Of course, we keep the low-tech version for our emergency kit.

In the real estate business, some sellers are trying to save money by representing themselves (ie, via a FSBO).  You and I both know that, while it appears that they are saving themselves a few bucks, in reality, it can cost them much more than if they hired a real estate professional to do this work for them.  Your knowledge, expertise, contacts and experience are the reason you get paid your commission on a sale - you earn it.  You can put all your skills to work for your clients to get the job done in a quicker fashion and, most likely, for a better profit.

The same can be said for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant We understand that it's a tough world for everyone.  Saving money is on your mind as well.  So, when someone offers you their VA services for what amounts to less than even minimum wage, it can sound very enticing.  However, you usually get what you pay for.  As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant operating within the United States, we at Second Self keep ourselves abreast of the most current trends to keep your online presence constantly evolving.  Through education and experience, we are able to present you with a marketing strategy that is unique to you.  We can be a collaborator, an innovator and a huge money-saving resource all rolled into one.  We are committed to making your business the best it can be because that is OUR business.  And, we speak your (professional) language.  We know what you need and know how to make it happen.

Yes, you're going to have to pay more than $7/hour to get good, quality work.  But, remember, you can't get a gourmet meal for a happy meal price

Pamela Cendejas, Real Estate Virtual Assistant – Second Self Virtual Assistance: When There Isn’t Enough of You to Go Around!

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Comment balloon 6 commentsPamela Cendejas • October 06 2011 04:43PM


Very true - that old story of you get what you pay for.

Posted by Bud & Beth McKinney, Cary/Raleigh/Apex NC - The Team That Cares, RE/MAX United (RE/MAX UNITED) about 9 years ago

Pam this reminds me of the saying - no such thing as a free lunch. And you do get what you pay for.  You are well worth paying for. Your professional attitude, knowledge, experience and innovative concepts are inspiring.

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRS CRB, Phoenix Broker, 602-380-4886 (HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000) about 9 years ago

Hi Bud and Beth - We're all looking for ways to save money in our businesses.  But some things are just too valuable to skimp on.  Thanks for posting.

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago

Anna Banana, you made my day.  Made me sit up a little taller!  I appreciate you and your kind words.  Enjoy a great day!

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago

Hi Pamela, I'm constantly being contacted by someone over seas who offers me services for Happy Meal prices.  I've seen some of their work and you're right, you get what you pay for!  Keep up the good work:)

Posted by Erika Rogers, St George Utah Real Estate & Relocation Specialist (Red Rock Real Estate ~ Southern Utah's Largest Independent Brokerage) about 9 years ago

Thanks, Erika.  I absolutely love helping Realtors.  I'm very passionate about it.  And, I get to work with great people like you!  Win-win!

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago