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As busy real estate professionals, you know that time is precious.  You also know how valuable it is to lock in a potential client as soon as they show interest.  How many times have you had someone tell you that they were so happy you returned their call since no one else seems to?  I actually get this a lot.  When a buyer decides they want to look at houses, they want to talk to someone...NOW!  Everyone could use an extra set of hands (a "Second Self", if you will) to help keep their appointments straight.  Book Fresh can be your online receptionist, 24/7.

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Book Fresh is an online appointment book that allows people to set up appointments without even speaking to you.  When an appointment is made, you will receive notification via email or text message instantly.  There's no need to worry about double-booking either.  You have the option to accept or decline a scheduled appointment time.  If the time requested doesn't fit in your schedule, simply create your own message to send back suggesting other times that will work for you.  This will then be sent to the potential client right away.

Book Fresh's calendar software easily syncs with Google Calendar and other online calendars so you can manage your time most effectively and not miss an important meeting or appointment.  It's mobile, too.  In addition to instant text messages when someone books an appointment, you will also receive reminders of scheduled appointments via text message.  Book Fresh also allows you to send a quick reminder email to your potential client so that they don't forget your appointment either.  This helps reduce the amount of late and no-show clients and helps increase productivity.

Book Fresh is great for your real estate office as well.  If you have multiple staff members, create separate profiles for each and add them to one button.  That way, potential clients have access to anyone on your staff at any time.

Book Fresh is a great online appointment centerQuickly add a Book Now button to your website or email.  With a simple "click", anyone can make an appointment with you in just a few seconds.  They are customizable and easy to use.  Add it to your listings so people can book an appointment to view the property advertised.  Add the button to your blog.  Book Now buttons can be added anywhere that you advertise yourself or your services online.

Book Fresh offers a free service as well as an upgraded paid service.  I, personally, use the free service and have never had any trouble with it.  My suggestion, though, would be to check out the paid service if you have a large office staff that you wish to utilize this service for.

Book Fresh has successfully acted as my online receptionist for quite a while now.  And, let me tell you... I am completely happy with the job she is doing.  I am constantly receiving appointment notices for my free 1/2 hour consultations and have been able to generate some good business contacts with it.  So, I highly recommend Book Fresh for your online appointment center.  If you need help with increasing your online real estate presence, why not book an appointment for a free consultation now?

Pamela Cendejas, Real Estate Virtual Assistant - Second Self Virtual Assistance: When There Isn't Enough of You to Go Around!

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This sounds great.

I'll definitely check it out.

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Ralph Gorgoglione, Hawaii and California Real Estate (310) 497-9407 (Maui Life Homes / Metro Life Homes) about 9 years ago

Hi Ralph - This has been one of my best lead capture opportunities.  I look at it like the candy bar at the checkout stand.  You didn't go into the store to specifically buy a candy bar, but since it's right there and you can get it right now, why not?  Enjoy!

Posted by Pamela Cendejas, Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235 (Second Self Virtual Assistance) about 9 years ago