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Glocal #9 Indivisible: Affiliates and Real Estate Agents

Glocal # 9   Indivisible:  Affiliates and Real Estate Agents

How is the marketing meeting working for you?  Are you "unified" to meet the demands of today's market and consumer needs?

Thinking Global, Acting Local, going “glocal.”

The  global dots are still connecting on a local level  as I have landed in the United States of America and South African Flagam happy to be on solid ground after an amazing voyage around the world!

The International flags were flying at the meeting room of the North Metro Denver Realtor Association  this past Thursday in Broomfield, Colorado. The flags are reminders of the International Real Estate connection with the CIPS designation through the National Association of REALTORS®. The reticulation activation system in my brain has “global” ideas at the front of my consciousness so I see those International messages now more than ever. 

The South African flag can be seen in the marketing meeting room photo below and has a great message of unity with the design and the colors.  South Africa has been through some serious "division" issues with apartheid and now the country is working to recover and create a cohesive atmosphere.  Soon, I will addressing apartheid in another post but the metaphor of working together to get through a problem comes through loud and clear applying "unity" to real estate agents and affiliates.

The symbolism in South African flag is the V or Y shape, which can be interpreted as "the convergence of diverse elements within South African society, taking the road ahead in unity."

North Metro Denver Realtor Asso. meeting

All the sensory organs are still on alert as I listen, feel, smell and see what is right in front of me.  After eighty days of practice, a new habit has been created taking the information I am absorbing and turning it into a possible learning opportunity that can be shared so I hope you enjoy the analogies.

Thinking global acting local continued at the meeting at the North Metro Denver Realtor Association where they start with the pledge of allegiance and then a hug from your neighbor. Success stories are then shared with affiliates and real estate agents who have put business together as a result of the meetings. Agents presenting listings are projected through the MLS system on a screen and affiliates share current information about their product or services.  The meeting closes with a fun guitar song presented by a very talented Title company representative, Dave Grenemyer.

“ I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for all.”

Powerful words to me with important meaning after being away from the freedoms of America and sharing the camaraderie of my real estate friends all uniting by saying the pledge together setting a unifed tone to the meeting.

The word indivisible jumped out at me like a frog. 

The definition is:

"Not divisible; not separable into parts; incapable of being divided: one nation indivisible."

The energy I felt from the affiliates at this meeting made me connect the "indivisible" dots between real estate agents and affiliates.

Services provided by affiliates and real esate agents in a transaction are indivisible,  they are "incapable of being divided."  Most transactions include a combination of many services such as:

  • Lenders
  • Title companies
  • Survey companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Inspection companies 
  • Flooring companies
  • Landscapers
  • Contractors
  • Home Stagers  
  • Builders
  • Property Management
  • Financial Planning  
  • Marketing and Design materials                                                                                           

There were affiliates from every aspect of real estate represented at the meeting whose services are needed to complete any sale. The "resources" were all in one room ready to help create the idea of one indivisible transaction. Aligning yourself with individuals you see on a weekly basis who provide services you need is the perfect networking opportunity for business going both ways.  If you are doing business in an area where there is no networking opportunity or a way to share current information on listings and buyers and services related to real estate transactions THINK about starting one yourself! 

Create your own mastermind group if your real estate board or area real estate agents do not have a marketing meeting. Consider asking the board to create one if you have affiliates and agents willing to participate as many boards are set up to meet the needs of the agents.

1979 was the first year I attended the marketing meeting in the North Metro Denver area.  It was at a resturant called "The Golden Egg" and every Wednesday we met at 8:00 for in a standing room only situation to market our properties.  Everyone at the meeting was there to share their BEST deals and BUYER NEEDS.  Thirty-two years later the same board is having the same weekly marketing meeting where people are putting together transactions.  In the photo above in the upper right hand corner which is rather blurry is an agent named Tom Ladtkow with Re-Max Northwest in Westminster, Colorado.  Tom has been selling real estate in the North Metro Denver Area since 1980 and now works exclusively with bank REO property.  He and I put together several deals at our marketing meetings through the years.  One day I stood up talking about a pre-approved buyer I had and what I needed at a marketing meeting.  I was sitting right next to him and he stood up talking about his new listing which was exactly like the property my buyer needed. I thought he was making fun of me as his description of the house was exactly what I described in my buyer need.  I went to the phone in the back of the resturant (no cell phones at that time) and called the buyer to set an appointment.  Tom showed the property as I had another appointment after the meeting and we put the deal together. Tom Ladtkow comes to the weekly marketing meeting every Thursday and has for the past thirty years.  He is a top producer in the area and believes marketing meetings have been one of his best tools in listing property, working with buyers and connecting with affiliates who make his job easier. Tom says "It's all about attitude and fellowship with each other.  The marketing meeting allows me to connect with the people who help and support me in my business, both agents and affiliates."

Easy steps to SUCCESS in Real Estate or any business :  SEE THE PEOPLE, SEE THE PEOPLE, SEE THE PEOPLE.

Seeing the people you do business with and suppot your industry CANNOT be replaced with social media. 

There HAS to be a one on one relationship, eyeball to eyeball to generate a repeat and referral business that creates "connections for life." Marketing or networking meetings help achieve this goal.

Below is only part of what I learned in a one hour marketing meeting. All the ideas could be shared in a newsletter.

  1. Wendy Atkinson with Prudential Real Estate of the Rockies had 2 buyer needs: Ralston Valley 4 bedroom up to 350k and 1st time home buyer up to 130K
  2. Eric Mott  also with Prudential Real Estate of the Rockies had several buyer needs: up to 1.7 million, a 1st time home buyer in Arvada up to 180 which could be a fix up, buyer need in Parker up to 325k,
  3. Tom Ladtkow had an REO with his market analysis coming in at $140,000 listed for $113,850 this home is located walking distance from the bus station has a 2 car garage.  This type of information has me thinking the time to get back into the market could be NOW. He had another listing at $149,950 with comps at $175,000.
  4. The Builder Breakfast put on by the BRC will have 16 builders sharing their inventory homes so it will be easy to see what is available in the new construction market behind Invesco field.
  5. A financial planner, Todd Kidder shared that the Social Security tax was going down and buyers, sellers, agents should consider putting that extra money into an emergency fund or add to a retirement fund or start one.
  6. A flooring representative showed new berber carpet that is being used as an entry floor covering instead of tile or wood.
  7. Several lenders talked about rates with FHA at 0 points and 4 7/8 on a 30 year loan.
  8. A title company shared a short sale training class with the new MARS requirements.  The penalty for violations is $11,000 per day.  Best to learn these new rules! 
  9. May 5th there is going to be a 203k (this is an FHA loan to finance a fix up home) class with 2 CE credit.
  10. A computer consultant shared there was a virus going around with an FBI notice.  He can help eradicate it from your computer if you get infected.
  11. Property Management listings were shared with an invitation to send referrals of sellers wanting to rent if the market is not cooperating.
  12. Jan Guiliano of Academy Mortgage (see picture above) suggested that all real estate agents ask buyers if they have VA eligility.  Her husband Frank Guiliano Rocks the mortgage business. His new band "Father Guido and the Holly Rollers" was preforming at the Park Centere Lounge Saturday.
  13. James Jackson with JCJACK has a business that combines design, print, photography, website and video. He was offering a free financial planning seminar anyone could attend.
  14. Another lender shared 3 things to live your life by, he learned at a conference in Las Vegas from Lou Holtz former coach of Notre Dame.                                                                                                                         * Do the right thing                                                                                                                         * Do it to the best of your ability                                                                                                   * Take care of others
  15. Bill Greer with Keller Williams, shared new information on termite inspections and sewer inspections in Colorado that could cause closing issues.
  16. Mike Leeper with Re/Max Alliance had an executive rental in the Countryside area at $2,250 per month.
  17. Another great deal in Box Elder Creek with an over sized 4 car garage and a possible outbuilding on the 1 arcre parcel.
  18. Ruth Siebel of Keller Williams shared a Legacy Ridge golf course patio home with 4 bedrooms for 324k
  19. One of the best deals we heard about in Brighton was 3770 sq. feet with a 3 car garage for $235,000

The marketing meeting ends with several drawings for gifts donated by the affiliates and a song by Title wave Dave and his guitar from First American Title. 

With a quick review of the 19 items shared at the marketing meeting, it would be easy to create blog content from many of the concepts. A newsletter to area clients about some of the values or programs coming up could stimulate a CALL TO ACTION with a connection to you. Even if the individual you share the inforamtion with does not need any of the services or help described they could know someone who might find value in the information. Who would not want to hear about a 3770 sq. ft home with a 3 car garage for $235,000? Simply ASK if they know anyone who could use the information and direct them back to you.

Affilates can bring valuable needed resources to any real estate group. Working on the concept of untiy and indivisible relationships with the businesses we use in every single transaction will help create "peaceful" closing with everyone working in the same direction.  What a great way to look at world peace and loving your neighbor in our real estate transactions!

There are two "glocal" posts that bring global concepts to the local world in working with clients, groups or family which might create a few laughs and ideas on working through problems with today's market!

The "18 Mile" Rule™  Lessons from the Amazon River

The "Taj" Rule™        Lessons from the Taj Mahal

Make the relationship with the affiliates in your local area "indivisible."

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Carra Riley

Comment balloon 4 commentsCarra Riley & Declan Kenyon • April 19 2011 07:03PM


Carra, Welcome back to the freedom of the US. Your trip may have been shorter than planed but your wisdom is brilliant. Great analogy relating the working relationship of agents and affiliates. We need each other!

See the people!

You have expressed  many wonderful ideas in this one post.

'What a great way to look at world peace and loving your neighbor in our real estate transactions!'

Thanks for sharing your journey and how it relates local and glocal.


Posted by Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome ( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400) over 9 years ago

Margaret ~  I must be getting slower... took me all day with the links etc.... better speed up these lessons!  Glad you liked them... I liked the concept of PEACE in our transactions... sometimes they seem like wars... so I glocalized it and taking world peace down to our backyard and our transactions :)  We have to love our neighbors before we can love the world!

We actually only missed Taiwan and after seeing Hong Kong and Shanghi we were happy with our visit to China.. then 24 days of sailing and trust me.. I did not need 24 more days on the water! 

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) over 9 years ago

Carra - You've clearly returned with a new perspective on the world and life--that's what I call a successful travel experience.  Thank you for continuing to share you experiences and take-away lessons.

Posted by Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A. (Charlemagne International Properties) over 9 years ago

Norma ~  I am a different person no how I look at the world and my community and I see how important it is to love and respect those that are in our own backyard.  It is interesting as I look at the statistics on how many people read the post and how few left comments... so I am wondering did I go over the line with reference to South Africa or the connection between the real estate agents and the affiliates.  Would love to have some input to see where I might be stepping on toes... Thanks again for going around the world with us!  It was fun and will continue to be a growing experience. 

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) over 9 years ago