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2011: What Direction Are You Going?

2011: What Direction Are You Going?


 "Survival 201: Do you have what it takes?"  was a post I shared last week. The information was for a 6 hour planning workshop for the Prescott Area Association of REALTORS in Prescott, Arizona.  There were several requests for a summary of the class so I decided to share a few of the ideas we came up with for marketing in 2011. 

2011 will continue to be a changing market in many areas of the United States.  Taking this fact and incorporating the concept into seminars or webinars on a quarterly basis will keep your clients up to date with the most current events taking place in your area. It also gives the agent something to be talking about when engaging in conversation both in person or in a social media venue.  Creating the promotional event will then give content for blogging and for newsletters. 

Buyers and sellers who listen to the news all have the same question.... how does this effect me and my situation?  If you and your company are providing up to date information on real estate news as it happens, it should make you the "go to" agent/company they go to when the time is right for the consumer to buy or sell or when their friends are in need of real estate help.

To keep the phone ringing or e-mail inquires going a specific strategy needs to be set up and incorporated into the years plan.

One source of prospecting would be to design four seminars or webinars you can invite past clients and new prospects to each quarter. This activity gives valuable information to share on facebook, create facebook events, tweet, post on linkedin and video blog on youtube along with e-mail and snail mail newsletters.  All past clients should be included in all the events with the special note asking them to bring a friend who might be interested in real estate.  ASK for their participation and GIVE valuable information about your market area.  Prospecting is one of the keys to success in ANY business, providing a service/information to the consumer is essentially what blogging does and physical activity takes the connection to the next level. Hosting an event creates a lasting connection.

  1. Short Sales:  How do they work?                                                                                                  Present information the consumer would like to know.  Invite a real estate attorney, a bankruptcy attorney and an accountant to the event to give professional information to the consumer. This is the way to give accurate information and connections to professional help they might be in search of.  The agent/company is the moderator sharing how a process can work for a buyer or a seller. The attorney's and account should look at this opportunity to share information with the public and possibly create new business from the attendee or a referral from the attendee.  Consider two different events Short Sales for Sellers: How do they work?  or Short Sales for Buyers:  How do they work. Be the catalyst to connect the dots for the consumer on the short sale process.                                                                                                                        
  2. Killer Deals In The Area! Are you ready to cash in?                                                                        Investment opportunities are on the rise and buyers always want to know about good deals.  At this event present 10 different values in different price ranges.  Have a video presentation of the property and digital pictures on a slide share presentation so attendees can see what values are available in the area.  Invite several lenders to the presentation so buyers can start the pre-approval process to be ready when the right deal pops up for them.  This is the perfect time to show how buyer agency works and the benefits of connecting with a specific agent to find that perfect investment for them.                                                                                                        
  3. 2nd Home Dreams are Still Possible and more affordable than ever!                                                        2nd homes are becoming more affordable than they have been in the past five years. Do some research in your area to have the correct statistics on pricing and affordability. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with big cities where buyers in the past have been looking to get out of the metropolis to escape to a 2nd home area.  This concept was discussed in the recent class at Prescott, Arizona. Prescott is a mile high city and a place where people from Phoenix or Tucson come to get out of the heat in the summer.  We talked creating an event with the big city agents to have a seminar in their office where the city agents invite their past clients to come for a presentation on the 2nd homes available in Prescott.  The Prescott agents present the homes and describe how the buying process works. This is another event lenders could be available to talk about the process and qualifying for a 2nd home.  The big city agents will get a referral fee if any of the clients elect to purchase.  The event gives both agents opportunity to share the event letting consumers know what they are doing to market homes and disseminate the current market information.  This idea can also be carried out in different states... cold weather states coming to the sunbelt for that now affordable 2nd home or dirt to build a home in the future.

  4. Bank owned properties and foreclosures, OH my!                                                                    Buyers want the best deals they can find.  This event gives you an opportunity to have speakers explain how the process works.  Invite a representative from HUD, FannieMae and a lender with inventory in the area.  Let the professionals explain the process and how it works to buy their inventory.  Describe the process from contract to close and let each of the agencies explain to the consumers the inside information so you don't have to be fighting process issues when they come up during a transaction. This type of event provide information to the consumer from professionals and will save the buyer time and energy in learning how it all works.                                                                                                                                    
  5. We do dirt! Park some money in the dirt.                                                                                    Try a seminar presenting great values on vacant land.  Get owner carry land listings to share and connect with sellers maybe wanting to trade or do 1031 exchanges.  Invite a 1031 exchange expert and a real estate attorney who specializes in trades.  This is creative and will show the consumer that the current market might be a great way to move dollars around and park them in dirt where there are no vacancies or rental issues. This is outside of the box and does require creative thought. As with all the event ideas the approval of the broker is a requirement.  

Think about more topics the consumer has questions on in your area and then fill that need! 

  • What are buyers asking when they call in today? 
  • What are sellers asking when they call in today? 

Whatever the consumer is asking in your area is the topic you might want to consider presenting.  You are filling a niche by answering their questions with a seminar or webinar. Consider creating a video of your live event and then have it available to watch through a subscription where consumers need to register with their e-mail to have access to the recorded event.  By creating valuable content the consumer will be happy to provide their e-mail address.With this type of marketing a new prospect has been created who is serious about learning more and will probably look forward to your newsletters announcing your next events. 

Creating the webinar instead of a physical event is an alternative to getting the information to the consumer.

Providing the consumer valuable information is always to key to connecting in a professional and business like manner.

More information on planning/goal setting is available in my 4 part series written to help create balance in  life. 

2011 Can be the best year ever with the proper planning and implementation.

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Carra Riley

Comment balloon 13 commentsCarra Riley & Declan Kenyon • December 13 2010 08:49AM


Almost all of the real estate survivors(*L*) I'm talking with feel we're entering 2011 with some momentum !!!

Posted by Michael J. Perry, Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist (KW Elite ) almost 10 years ago

Michael ~  That is great news!   Each area has different market conditions so good to know Lancaster, PA is moving along!  It is always interesting to look at the types of real estate that is selling and what is creating that momentum.

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 10 years ago


This is very comprehensive and makes a lot of sense.

You need to keep prospecting. That's the way it works.


Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) almost 10 years ago

Carra, our state is still a bit slow to respond to the recovery, which makes it even more important to be out there promoting ourselves and the possibilities this market presents. This is a great post with gret ideas, and it has my S of approval.

Posted by Ed Silva, Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally (RE/MAX Professionals, CT 203-206-0754 ) almost 10 years ago

Brian ~  Basics are still basics.. see the people, see the people, see the people.... events providing valuable information is the perfect way to have the people come to you!

Ed ~  Thank you for the "S".  I do hope the post will help agents create a PLAN so they "work" 2011 instead of just letting it happen.  Each area is going to have different needs but if the thinking process gets started and agents/companies determine what the area buyers and sellers need, this creates an action plan that is easy to implement and gives content for talking to anyone about the changes in real estate.

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 10 years ago

Carra, Good thoughts to use in making our own plan for 2011.  I especially like the video creation with those interested registering with email. 

Posted by Susan Brown (Keller Williams NE, Kingwood Texas (Humble & Atascocita too)) almost 10 years ago

Susan ~  using a cross platform with the same information reaches many more prospects.  

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 10 years ago

Carra, I feel like the survivors in my area feel things are going to improve even more in 2011. 

Posted by Michael Delaware, REALTOR®, CRS, GRI (North Sky Realty LLC) almost 10 years ago

I think investors will find some great buys in early 2011--I'm keeping my list of investors well informed on the real estate market in my area.

Posted by Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A. (Charlemagne International Properties) almost 10 years ago

Michael ~  Great news.. just keep informaiton flowing!

Norma ~  That is the perfect plan.. pre-approved and ready to roll!

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 10 years ago

Howdy and evening to you Carra

Carra, I've been researching many new ways of getting info out to folks, in 2011. That will be in one way or another, that will be of help to them.

Have a good one
Dale in New Hampshire

Posted by Dale Baker, New Hampshire Relocation Real Estate Information (Baker Energy Audits and Commercial Properties Inspections) almost 10 years ago

Great time to be positioning ourselves for 2011 Cara.  Good topics, thought provoking and engaging tool for communication with prospects.  Thanks for sharing

Posted by Eileen Burns, FL Probate Agent, Hotel & Land Specialist (Trans State Commercial RE Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Palm Beach) almost 10 years ago

Dale ~  Sounds like we are all on the same page!

Eileen ~  Happy to share what WILL work.. with prospecting.. giving people information!

Posted by Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 10 years ago