Cosmic Cow Pie: Connecting the Dots


Riding in Car with Carra! A review of Cosmic Cow Pie... connecting the dots by Carra Riley

Thank you Tammy Lankford!

It is so exciting to know that something you have worked on for thirty years is going to help people.

I am one of those people who tries to learn from everything and hopes to share those lessons so others won't have to have some of the pitts in the stomach I have experienced just living in the Cosmic Cow Pie of life.

Tammy Lankford writes about her "take' on my new book and I am excited to share it with you... Thank you Tammy!  

Or that could be riding through the cosmic cow pie with Carra.

I just finished "Cosmic Cow Pie... Connecting the Dots" by Carra Riley.  It was awesome.  On so many levels I really enjoyed the book. 

Not only did I have a few "light bulb" moments on new, better ways to handle things... I feel I know so much about Carra and her family and really enjoyed getting to know them. 

If you are just starting in real estate or frankly any carrer where you are dealing with the public, reading this book is a MUST. From her 30 years of experience in real estate Carra Riley learned lots of little secrets on better ways to handle situations which she's willing to share with you.

On the other hand, I just loaned it to another of the agents in my office who has been selling real estate for over 40 years... she had some light bulb moments too.  So even if you've been doing business the same way for over 20 years, do you really think you couldn't use a little tweaking and advise.  I've been in Real Estate for 18 years now and I will never stop learning.

The principles in the book are simple, easy to follow and just might change the way you view something, the change may be small... like mine... I'm a very goal oriented person, but I never felt a need to write them down.  I'm going to try writing them down and see if that will keep me more focused on obtaining my short term goals.  I also just know I'm going to get tickled next time a clerk in a store or a waitress really screws up... I'll think of you Carra, while I laugh at them.

I put a new book in the CD player yesterday on the way home from work.  And this morning on my ride to and from church, I found myself not paying attention because I was missing Carra Riley.  Now I'm off to practice up on my communication skills knowing SWSWSWN!  (and if you want to know what that means-get the book).  You can get the book here!  You won't be disappointed.  I certainly wasn't. 

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Cosmic Cow Pie

Carra Riley

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