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What Did You Learn Today?

What Did You Learn Today?  

Part 1 of a 3 part series of learning questions. 

What did you learn today is the first questions in a series of three, to help with the evolution in today's changing Universe.  The questions can be easily shared with family members and support groups of any kind. 

I can honestly say there is not a day goes buy that I do not learn something by reading blog posts and participating in cyberspace with social media.  The atmosphere to grow is inviting and makes learning fun.  

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Think about how easy it would be to fly at the altitude of success by simply learning ONE concept a day! 

To embrace this philosophy one must first stop being ANGRY about all the new information which must be embraced.  Once you build that bridge and decide you need to move forward the learning curve is less steep and sharing with others makes the way more pleasant.  

Find a group in all types of social media to hang out with and enjoy the ride!  If you are just beginning in any social media venue, do not hang out with "mad" bloggers trying to change the world. Intimidation with words can be the kiss of death to participation with someone who is new and needing encouragement. Cosmic Shift Happens so pick your cyber friends by those wanting to have fun and be supportive. The change in communication or Cosmic Shift, is actually a great opportunity to reach out and touch more people than ever before so being aware and NOT afraid of the change makes everyday new and exciting! 

There was a fun announcement today letting us know the Queen of England is on facebook!  She is 84 and has endorsed youtube and flickr!  Social media is giving us the platform to share information about social programs, education, and government.  We can navigate through cyberspace and read all the news on yahoo, google, msn or any Internet access page and never have to turn on the television. Following the right sources on twitter your might be able to get the news the instant it happens.

  Flickr!  Is the learning concept I will discuss today. This is a social site where you can post pictures of:

  • The community 
  • Any listing
  • Your family 
  • Fun concepts for your customers or clients  
  • You can create groups and sets of pictures which can be views in the form or slide shows
  • Flickr creates links for posted pictures to share either in private or with the public 
  • Posted pictures include different sizes for every picture 
  • Obtain a url for a picture to post in different types of blog formats 
  • Any picture can be edited on Picnik automatically through flickr.                                                                                                                                                                        

I started a group called T-shirt Humor and would love for you to come and post funny t-shirt sayings to the group.  There are more funny t-shirts in my photo stream but didn't think they could all go in the group... if you look at the stream you will understand what I am saying :)  

I hope you will try the links above on the bullet points and see how great Flickr works. Create photos with a unique url and any size in minutes with Flickr. Attract new viewers to your flickr site who might like other photo sets you have uploaded. Best case scenario, they might want to connect as a flickr friend and then join a group you create.  The possibilities are endless since most people like looking at fun pictures.  

If you would like to LEARN one thing today go to flickr and set up.  Just get your profile going on an account.  It takes about 3 minutes and all you need to do is have a few pictures ready you want to upload to get started. Have the photo you want to represent on your profile.  You can either size it on flickr or you can drag a box on your uploaded picture to create your avatar.   Easy and once you learn this you can share with your clients and create another way to have contact sharing photos that are different!  Maybe you can start posting a fun photo of the day and invite your followers or friends to post great photos in your group.  Start discussions about the photos and make this something your friends want to share with their friends! 

Keep track of what you learned this week each day.  Write it down and make learning something new each day a priority.  Start by making a list of the things you do want to learn then just go down the list.  I hope you learn flickr this week.  If you spend 30 minutes you will understand how flickr works and what an important tool it can be in marketing you and your business!  

I hope to connect with you on flickr and see some of your photos in one the groups!   

What did you learn today? 

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