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Cosmic Shift Happens™ part 1 of 5

Cosmic Shift HappensTM part 1 of 5

  "Cosmic Shift Happens TM"

Do some construction on your brain

2010 is the year to update your "personal internal hard drive," or your brain!

Over the past few years, the Internet (and the world) have seen some major changes. The emergence of social media is near the top of the list of all changes. Social media has allowed people who otherwise never would have met, to connect, engage, and make business contacts. For others, social media is overwhelming and intimidating.

Start thinking about the positives that social media can create and bring into our lives instead of focusing only on the negatives. Cyberspace is a scary place for some individuals, because there are just so many unknowns. "Social Media Syndrome TM" could be a reality in your world if you are not prepared for circumstances that can some up.  Processing the new form of communication skills just takes practice and understanding of where the other person is coming from and what their agenda is.  If you stay focused on you and your message the outside "differing" influence cannot touch you.

Perception really IS your Reality in cyberspace.

Start connecting with more buyers and sellers by getting more involved in a blog community. Blogging is an essential part of being visible online. Blogging increases your SEO like nothing else. If you're up for it, video blogging is the best.  Youtube is the number 2 search engine on the Internet.

Consider some basics to start connecting in cyberspace if you don't already have these tools up and running:

1. Start a blog, use localism to set yourself apart and create an outside blog to connect with your community.



2. Create a facebook fan page for your business. facebook fan page

3. Learn how  to use LinkedIn


Connecting with facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as your Internet vehicle, you will have the ability to upload or link your outside blog and keep your customers up to date on what you are doing. It's easy to spread your message on social media sites.  Sharing valuable information and making connections are the real goals for participation in social media.

To survive in 2010, embracing Social Media is a MUST. Incorporating your blog into everything you do is a the key to success! It just takes practice. Are you ready to update your hard drive?

Does cyberspace intimidate you? Click for your FREE chapter on "Cosmic Shift Happens TM"

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Cosmic Shift Happens™ part 1 of 5
Cosmic Shift HappensTM part 1 of 5 "Cosmic Shift Happens TM " 2010 is the year to update your "personal internal hard drive, " or your brain! Over the past few years, the Internet (and the world) have… more
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