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No Time to Type? Speak a Message Instead!

No Time to Type? Speak a Message Instead!Are you looking for a way to "spice up" your emails?  Have no time to type?  Speak-a-Message instead!  With Speak-a-Message email, you record your email from your computer's microphone, get it transcribed into text automatically and send the email off to your family, friends, current customers and prospective clients.  With the automatic transcription feature, your message won't get lost on those recipients who don't have Speak-a-Message downloaded to their computers.

Each Speak-a-Message account comes with the ability to personalize your player with over 600 different pre-made skins.  Or, add a photo/brand of your own to create your own unique player.  Create a slideshow and add your own commentary.  You can even integrate Speak-a-Message into Microsoft Outlook or Word applications to provide feedback on presentations or documents.

There are two versions, the Free Home Edition and the Business Edition.

Free Home Edition - Meant for private use only, you can:

  • Record and Play Back Voice Messages
  • Transcribe Voicemail to Text
  • Send Speaking Emails
  • Create Photo Messages to Send via Email
  • Design Skins for Your Player
  • Add Sound Effects

Business Edition - In order to use Speak-a-Message for your business, you must purchase a professional or commercial use license.  In addition to all the features provided on the free home edition, you can also:

  • integrate Speak-a-Message into your Microsoft Word, Outlook or PowerPoint presentations
  • attach your company logo or personal brand to your player
  • send voice messages to your clients for a more personal touch

Prices for the Business Edition of Speak-a-Message vary, depending on the plan you use.

So, if you're tired of the same old, boring, tedious emails and have no time to type, Speak-a-Message instead.  Save yourself some time and leave a lasting impression with your real estate clients.

Pamela Cendejas, Real Estate Virtual Assistant - Second Self Virtual Assistance: When There Isn't Enough of You to Go Around!

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